Today, we announce the release of ContactPad 1.0. Focusing mainly on stability, here are the changes:

New features

  • Improved hotkeys settings makes them more flexible.
  • New hotkey: ”Call selected number”
  • ContactPad can now act as default caller application for the following URI protocols: tel, sip and dial.
  • ContactPad can now act as default TAPI called application.
  • Export call history to CSV.
  • While using hotkeys for search or immediate call, any containing ”(0)” part of the number is now ignored.
  • It’s now possible to sort columns in call history.


  • Contact items are no longer shown multiple times on certain contacts.
  • In call history, company names are now always displayed under the ”company” column.

Plugin changes

  • New CRM plugin: Lundalogik Kontakt
  • Outlook: Security warnings should no longer appear on 32bit systems.
  • Outlook: It’s now possible to open the outlook contact from context menu.
  • Outlook: Setting for searching for contacts in public folders. This feature now searches your whole public tree for contact folders, not only your root.
  • Snom: It’s now possible to chose a static port for communication with your phone.
  • Send SMS: It’s now more clear who you’re sending to.

Other changes

Apart from the above we have chosen to increase the amount of time before ContactPad searches for new contacts in it’s data sources, so that it’s now syncing once every hour. This is because some sources used a lot of CPU and could take quite some time to sync. We know this is not ideal, but it’s a reasonable compromise until we have a more dynamic solution in place.